The “Don’t-Miss Wedding Shots” You Really Don’t Want To Miss

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The “Don’t-Miss Wedding Shots” You Really Don’t Want To Miss


Talk about any wedding ceremony you have attended, maybe of your friends, colleagues, or relatives. You surely must have witnessed many precious moments that leave you with awe, and most probably you might have reach for your phone or camera to capture those moments. So, what about your own wedding day? You really won’t want to miss those moments or do you? You can rest assured if you hire the best wedding photographer for your big day.

Every wedding photographer has a list of shots that should not be missed. The bride walking down the aisle, the kiss, and the first dance are the most important shots during the ceremony, and any wedding photographer is intended to capture those moments. However, there are other moments that are as equally precious and important to be captured on that day. Most couples fail to understand this and lose out on allowing their wedding photographer to capture those wonderful moments that will never take place again.

This piece-of-advice article is to save you from making the same mistakes. While working for hundreds of wedding couples in Italy and other parts of the world, we were able to improve our skills and as well grasp about those not-to-miss important shots that are more precious than any gem. We have put down a list of wedding shots that you want to make sure they are captured on your special day.

1. Pre-Ceremony Shots

Apart from taking shots of exterior buildings, we believe that there are many fun and special moments that are worth capturing within the house before the wedding. It is an important moment to capture the love and support shown by the people that you have chosen to be by your side on your big day. The feeling of excitement and anticipation in the room can be captured and translated into a frame to be cherished for a lifetime.

Don’t-Miss shots:

● Bride and Groom wedding suits and gown, including the shoes, bouquet, and every precious jewelry and accessory.
● Bride makeup shots, makeup artist in the act, bridesmaids helping out, mother or maid of honor placing the veil, and everyone laughing together admiring the bride.
● Groom having fun with groomsmen before getting dressed (if they play cards, golf, or any other)
● Groom and groomsmen getting dressed, tying ties for each other.
● Groom with father.

These minor details do tell a wonderful story about love and commitment. One of the sweetest and most proud moments you definitely won’t want to miss is when a dad hugs his daughter when he sees her for the first time in her wedding dress and a mom adjusting her son’s tie before heading down the aisle.

2. The Ceremony Shots

The Wedding ceremony is one of the busiest hours for wedding photographers because there are many important shots to be taken in just a short time period. As the ceremony starts, there will be guest and family coming in, groom waiting for the bride at the altar and the bride’s big entrance. The reaction of the groom seeing his bride walking down the aisle is a shot that cannot be missed. Apart from this, there are other important moments that must be captured.

Don’t-Miss shots:

● Guestbook & Program attendants
● Parents & grandparents seated
● Groom, Groomsmen entrance.
● Flower girl, ring bearer & bridesmaids’ entrance
● Grooms reaction
● Ceremony details: prayers, readings, rings, vows
● Groom and bride iconic kiss
● Exit from the ceremony (limo, carriage, etc.)

3. Portraits & Group Shots

These shots can be taken depending on when and where the ceremony takes place. Commonly it is done prior to the ceremony or after the ceremony.

Don’t-Miss shots:

● Groom and bride together
● Groom and/or bride with parents and immediate family
● Groom and bride with family members from both the side
● Groom with groomsmen
● Bride with groomsmen
● Groom with bridesmaids
● Bride with bridesmaids
● Groom and bride with groomsmen
● Groom and bride with bridesmaids
● Groom and bride with the whole wedding party

4. Reception Shots

The reception is all about fun shots. This set of time will be filled with fun moments of joy and laughter. You definitely would want your wedding photographer to capture those moments.

Don’t-Miss shots:

● Exterior and interior of the reception place
● Dinner details, buffet, plating before serving
● Groom and bride First Dance
● Groom and bride dance with both parents
● Fun Dances, Bouquet Toss, and other fun moments
● Groom and bride parents with their friends
● Any friend or family groupings
● Leaving the reception place

Your wedding day is going to be filled with many moments with all the love and fun included. The best way to ensure all those moments are captured is to make a list and share it with your wedding photographer before the wedding. Alone with the shots above you can also add other shots that are important to you. Have a prior discussion about the shots with your photographer so that everything goes smoothly on the wedding day.

If you are looking for professional Italian wedding photographers, feel free to contact us. We would be honored to work for you.

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