Wedding photography

in Florence, Tuscany - Italy

a wedding is first of all an event, a very special event. No matter if it's just an intimate fuga or a big party with family and friends. It's a special event in which you spend time, expectations and money.

But an event lasts one day, photos last forever. We will record the story of your day, being your silent shadow, shooting from distance, catching you in your natural poses but also interacting with your guests, having fun with you and your friends, getting you something original and most of all memorable. Introducing our team, we have Carlo, the 'Maestro'.
Photography has been his lifelong passion, from fashion to wedding.
Maybe it's that sensitiveness that makes him capable to mix and dose irony and elegance, maybe it's the light and natural expression that our brides and grooms show, but he is able to get a wonderful photo from nothing, just a wall in the back, just a ladder on the side, just a quick glimps of joyfull eyes.

He trained the other photographers of our team, expanding the activity and making our studio a reference point for high quality wedding photography in Florence and abroad. Maurizio is an official photographer of one the most important italian newspaper agencies and is our specialist in photojournalism. His lenses are always ready to catch unexpected moments and curious situations. He is a guarantee for great fun and great shots. Massimo has a more traditional style but in a funny way. He will help you to go over the first impact with the camera, getting you the story of your wedding day with a romantic touch.

Coralla, graduated in graphic design and photography, is very creative, with a fresh and alive style and a particular taste for details. She also takes care about the post-production and editing.

Daniel is our youngest photographer, fresh out of college in photography. He is passionate, gritty, curious, enthusiastic and all this is perceived in his original shots. Last but not least there is Cristina which deals with the organizational part, taking care of your enquiries, answering your questions and assisting you in your needs. Our studio is also specialized in engament and honeymoon shootings, family portraits, shooting of events.